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Feb 27, 2011 11:10pm EST
boy charlie sheen is fighting back. >> epic. epic behavior. >> it's sheen's first televised interview since production was halted on his hit tv series. why sheen says he's still in control of the situation. we'll tell you all about that. >>> how high will they go? what's sending gas prices soaring at record speed? >>> the local schoolchildren who went to work at the white house tonight. >>> hey, chuck bell. >> hey, craig. we have raindrops on our western doorsteps here in the washington metro area. and these raindrops promise wet roadways for your monday morning commute. but spring fever headed our way. 70? st >>> protesters in madison, wisconsin, are being kicked out of the state's capitol building. about 200 protesters had been camping out over a week since governor scott walker announced he wants to take away union bargaining rights for deepers and other state employees. today walker issued the order to clear the capitol so it can reopen for normal business hours tomorrow morning. >>> gas prices are on the rise, hitting a two-year high nationwide. aaa says prices have risen 19 cent
Feb 24, 2011 11:00pm EST
mission. >>> coming up tonight a production delay that could lead to the end of charlie sheen's television career. >>> congressmen work late and sleepingalt the office. we'll tell you about one group that is so concerned after what is happening after hours on capitol hill. >>> and at times you seem a little prickly with the media. what -- do you think that's fair to say? >>> and stephen strasburg >>> toyota recalled more than 2 million vehicles today. as it continues to try to fix problems with gas pedals. the company says the pedals are getting stuck in the floor mats or carpeting of toyota and lexus models. the recall affects the lexus gs, rx and lx. as well as the toyota highlander, the 4-runner and the rav4. since 2009 toyota has recalled more than 14 million vehicles to fix safety problems. >>> two people have been arrested. they're accused of ripping off at least 50 women at local shopping centers. jonathan washington is one of them. tamara clay bourn is the. the other they're both being held without bond. detectives in montgomery county say they targeted women who walked through par
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2